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Besides from Emily being a great person she is also great at what she does. I am very active person and with that often comes a sore body. Emily worked her magic and relieved a lot of tension and tightness that I was experiencing. I will be making this a regular thing as she showed me how quickly my body can recover with her help!

Jordan F

"Working with Emily will inspire you and change your life. Emily is amazing - she is empathetic, knowledgeable and attuned to your needs. She makes you feel comfortable and cared for in your sessions while also creating a fun and supportive environment. I have learned so much from her over the years and am inspired by her approach to energy work. I would highly recommend working with Emily to improve your health and wellbeing." 

Allison T

"I had an Aroma/Yoga therapy session with Emily and it was the most relaxing experience. I can't recommend Emily enough if you are looking for more insight into your wellness. Thank you Emily for not only the most incredible session but also seeing me for me. You listened, you educated, and most of all you made me feel seen. You are a wonderful human being, please keep doing what you are doing. We need more of your work in the world!"


"I have many different types of needs in many different places of my body and Emily’s extensive knowledge and intuition helped her flawlessly work my body to make me feel SO much better. She could feel exactly what I needed and she guided me to try to help myself as well. I love that she will explain what she’s doing and give you tools to help yourself at home. Emily truly cares for her clients and has a genuine passion for healing. I highly recommend her services!"

Jillian O

"Emily is wonderful at what she does! She is mindful and present, completely attuned to you in that moment and walks you through the steps. Her guided breathing helps you relax as she creates a safe space for you to release and begin a journey to better wellness. She stretches and loosens the body and is great at giving tips to further treatments at home. She takes her time, loves everyone and is genuine in all she does. A session with Emily will be more than worth it!"

Nikki L

"My young daughter struggles with anxiety and ADHD and she often comes home from school with headaches. Emily came over to our house and did some work on my daughter and she took the time to teach me how to help my daughter as well. My daughter said it really helped her feel a lot better. There are so many different types of healing Emily can help with and her versatility is quite beneficial to her clients!"


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