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muladhara blend supports the root chakra, our initial connection to self, to the earth, to this experience. With forest and floral notes, this is one of my favorite unisex blends.

To use for Western Grooming:

Warm 8-10 drops in palms + comb through mid-shaft to ends of hair.or beard to protect + perfume.

Massage into face, especially the temples, jaw line and down the throat for deep moisture and skin balancing benefits.

Rub into cuticles and nails to moisturize and strengthen.

To use as Chakra Support:

Rub 2-3 drops in palms, cup over face and inhale. Repeat breath 5-10 times or until you feel your chest open to the sky + your tailbone drop to the earth.

Rub oil on wrists, heart center + tailbone for meditation. Repeat mantras which ground and support alignment.

SoSoil Muladhara

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