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Energetic Healing + Spiritual Services

The Sanskrit term "bodhisattva" refers to a soul given the opportunity to attain enlightenment yet chooses to remain grounded; so as to minister to those seeking spiritual aid. In the spirit of embodying the yogic lifestyle of a bodhisattva, Emme offers donation based energy work, spiritual consultation, and essential oil therapy to those actively seeking balanced mental, physical and emotional health.

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Yoga for the Mind, Body & Soul

We celebrate the ancient wisdom found in all eight limbs of yoga and share it with those in need from a space of service. We have not attained any type of perfection in our practice: beyond the perfect peace which we curate daily on our YOGIC PATHWAY.

Health is not a quick fix or a one + done revolutionary moment.

Be wary of those who advertise their protocols or pharmaceuticals as "ultimate" or "best".

Rather, health and our personal responsibility of self care is: curating and maintaining sustainable habits and behaviors that set the body, mind and soul up for optimal alignment.

One step at a time, our treatment plans are flexible. We encourage an attitude of non-attachment to a specific outcome for each session, allowing energy to express itself as needed. 

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We are Donation Based and proudly accept Equivalent Trade Services

Consistency in Spiritual Discipline is KEY! We offer monthly packages with no contract to cultivate an attitude of commitment to discipline without attachment to any person, place or thing.



AromYogaTherapy | Concierge Yoga Therapy



Virtual consultation:
We offer a free initial consultation and a monthly membership option which includes goal setting and progress reports. 

To learn more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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